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BioProtect ProSpace Balloon Spacer

As part of your precision radiotherapy treatment (including proton beam therapy and radiotherapy), the Rutherford Cancer Centres can offer the BioProtect ProSpace Balloon Spacer to assist treatment and deliver the best possible results for patients being treated for prostate cancer.

What is a BioProtect Spacer?

In precision radiotherapy, spacers can be used to protect vital organs and healthy tissue that are in close proximity to the treatment area, that would otherwise be at risk of being exposed to an unintended radiation dose.

BioProtect Spacer is an option for men undergoing precision radiotherapy for prostate cancer, acting as a spacer for the protection of healthy tissue.

The spacer is a very small balloon, which after deployment pushes healthy tissue away from the high-dose of radiation used to target cancerous cells, helping to prevent and reduce potential side-effects. The balloon maintains its size and shape and naturally biodegrades in the body after the course of treatment. Proton therapy and radiotherapy technology improve treatment accuracy and effectiveness, the addition of a balloon spacer can further help to deliver the best possible results for your prostate cancer treatment.

A balloon spacer can also help to support radiation dose delivery when undergoing a Seven-Fraction treatment schedule (sometimes also known as ‘hypofractionation’ – a higher dose radiation treatment delivered over less sessions or appointments).

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How is BioProtect Spacer delivered?

Deploying the BioProtect Spacer is a quick and minimally invasive procedure.

Under ultrasound guidance our urologists use a unique two-part deployment device to insert the balloon spacer into the correct position, usually between the prostate and the rectum. This deployment system gives our urologist precise control over the position of the balloon and ensures optimal protection of the healthy tissues. This procedure takes place under a general or spinal anaesthesia.

Once the balloon spacer is in situ in the body, it is inflated with a sterile saline solution to reach the required size for your precision radiotherapy treatment. The balloon spacer remains inflated during treatment and completely biodegrades in the body after six months, so you can continue to go about your daily life as usual, during and after treatment. The procedure is usually performed at one of our partner hospitals and is an outpatient procedure, so no overnight stay is required.

The benefits of BioProtect Spacer

With BioProtect Spacer in place, your consultant and treatment team can begin your treatment, with the spacer helping to deliver optimum results and reducing the risks of side-effects:

  • Creates a space of up to 2cm in the region of the treatment area, ideal for reducing the risk of radiation-related side-effects and protecting healthy surrounding organs and tissue
  • Complete control over the size of the spacer, which is maintained throughout the course of treatment
  • The spacer is highly visible under ultrasound, CT, MRI or any other imaging technology used by the treatment team, so your treatment team have full visibility of the spacer at each treatment session
  • The unique deployment system significantly reduces any risk of rectal wall injury during the procedure
  • The spacer is clinically proven and biodegrades within six months of deployment, so no need for surgical removal

For further information visit: bioprotect.com/patients

Is it suitable for all patients?

BioProtect Balloon Spacer can support your prostate cancer treatment and reduce the risks of side-effects compared to when having proton beam therapy or radiotherapy, and not using a spacer. However, a spacer solution isn’t for everyone, so it’s best to seek advice from your consultant on the most appropriate treatment options.

Is it safe?

BioProtect ProSpace is a clinically proven, safe and consistent spacer that reduces radiation does to vital organs and healthy tissue, with proven long-term benefits. For more information about the safety and long-term benefits of BioProtect ProSpace, please visit: bioprotect.com/research.

If you’d like to find out more about the BioProtect ProSpace Balloon Spacer, or about any of the treatments we offer
please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0800 210 0402 or

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