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At the Rutherford, we offer access to privately operated clinics which are open to all adults.

These clinics are supported by leading consultants and healthcare professionals, and cover a range of general healthcare conditions. Please see below for clinics that are currently open for consultations:

Bupa Health Centres at the Rutherford

Whatever your reasons, a health assessment at a Bupa Health Centre based at the Rutherford, could help you make the right decisions to protect or improve your health. A health assessment is a preventative health check that uses medical and non-invasive tests to give a current health and wellbeing overview. Health advisers can discuss any specific health concerns you may have. If needed, the team can also arrange follow-up appointments or private GP referrals for further treatment or diagnostic tests too.

Rutherford Breast Clinics

Our Triple Assessment Breast Clinics at the Rutherford Cancer Centres provide fast-tracked diagnostic investigations and results. Our one-stop clinics allow fast access for patients who have noticed recent changes in their breasts such as a breast lump, nipple discharge or inversion or breast pain.  We ensure you get access to scans and treatment options, with a quick turnaround time as little as 48 hours.

Rutherford GP Clinic - North West

Our GP clinic offers a quick and convenient private GP service and is based at the Rutherford Cancer Centre North West in Liverpool. This service is available to adults that are in need of speedy appointments for any health and wellness concerns, second opinions and specialist referrals. We welcome patients on a one-off basis or those looking for regular health checkups. We can offer assistance with general health checks, sexual health screening or general concerns regarding your health.

Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics Clinic - South Wales

The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales has partnered with Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics to provide an improved patient journey for specialist opinion and high-quality MR imaging scans for musculoskeletal conditions. This enables patients to come to our one-stop clinic, to gain rapid access to MR imaging services, that are carried out in our state-of-the-art centre in South Wales on behalf of Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics.

Rutherford Iron Clinic - North East

The Rutherford Cancer Centre North East runs a weekly iron clinic, which is open to all adults experiencing difficulties in managing an iron deficiency.  Our regular clinic is supported by a consultant haematologist whose NHS practice is at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. At the North East centre, you can have an initial consultation, followed up by any required tests and treatment.

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