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Dr Cheng Boon is Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Worcester Oncology Centre at Worcester Royal Hospital. He completed medical training at the University of Manchester Medical School.

Dr Boon specialises in the non-surgical management of solid organ malignancies of the head and neck and upper gastrointestinal tract, in radiotherapy for plasmacytoma and lymphoma as well as in chemotherapy for gynaecological malignancies. His objective is to harness technology to offer complex, modern radiotherapy, improving survival and limiting toxicities to normal tissue.

Dr Boon sits on a panel of clinicians that helps screen early clinical trial proposals for radiation safety and exposure purposes.

Proton Beam Therapy

This consultant has received training from the Rutherford Cancer Centres in the delivery of proton beam therapy. The programme, Proton Therapy Clinical Education, in conjunction with The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and IBA, the leading proton beam therapy solutions manufacturer, involves oncologists gaining practical experience in Penn’s Roberts Proton Therapy Center – one of the world’s leading centres of proton therapy research and expertise.


Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiology (United Kingdom)

Clinical Oncology Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (United Kingdom)

Clinical Radiation Expert (CRE) for Health Research Authority (HRA), National Health Service (NHS)

Honorary Senior Lecturer (Radiotherapy Quality Assurance), Institute of Head and Neck Studies and Education (InHANSE)


  1. Dr Cheng Boon does not hold a share or financial interest in the Rutherford Cancer Centres or another Rutherford Health plc company.
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  3. Dr Cheng Boon does hold a paid advisory role(s) at the Rutherford Cancer Centres or on behalf of Rutherford Cancer Centres or Rutherford Health plc.

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