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Dr Nick Plowman is a Senior Consultant Clinical Oncologist based in the London region. He was a senior scholar at Cambridge University with a Double First in Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences. He returned to Cambridge to write his thesis (macrophages and lung cancer).

During his clinical career, Dr Plowman introduced the first aromatase inhibitor into breast cancer treatment, the most important drug group in breast cancer management for the last 25 years and one which changed best standard for breast cancer.

Meanwhile, in parallel hormonal research, Dr Plowman first noted the adrenosuppressive effect of low dose glucocorticords, and thereby the significant fall in adrenal androgen production, important in androgen deprivation (post-testicular suppression) in prostate cancer. This hormonal research has been a gamechanger in standard care for both breast and prostate cancer respectively.

Dr Plowman has been a pioneer in stereotactic radiation therapy "radiosurgery" with 20 serial papers in the British Journal of Neurosurgery on the applications in brain tumours and brain metastases. He is one of Europe's most experienced practitioners of focal radiation oncology (brain and body).

During the last 20 years, Dr Plowman's team have been active in DNA repair research which has major implications for cancer genomics. With his team, he has discovered two new DNA repair fault diseases, with far-reaching implications for cancer genomics. His oncology clinic in 20 Harley Street is a leader in cancer genomics and Dr Plowman advises two genomics' companies and has an interest in liquid biopsy (cell free DNA in circulating tumour cells) for screening, diagnosis and diagnosing cancer relapse after first therapy as well as predicting best therapy (by NGS) for cancers during their evolution.

Areas of interest:

Dr Nick Plowman has a special clinical interest in; breast, brain, endocrine & urological cancers; cancers in children & young persons (chemotherapy & radiotherapy); stereotactic radiotherapy (CyberKnife And GammaKnife).

Research Interests:

Dr Plowman's team is currently active in research of androgen signalling and prostate cancer, which also has implications for triple negative breast cancer.


  • Honours, Medicine, 1st Class. Cambridge University 1971
  • MA. MD. FRCP. FRCR, Medicine, Honours. Guy’s Hospital. 1974


  • Cambridge University Double first in Medicine and Natural Sciences.
  • Senior Scholar at Emmanuel College in 1982.
  • Roentgen Prize: “New Radiotherapy Techniques” in 1990.
  • International Union Against Cancer (UICC): Roll of Honour in 1997.
  • Royal College of Radiologists: Frank Ellis Medal in 1999.


  • MA
  • MD
  • FRCP
  • FRCR


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