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Mr Mahmoud Elfar is a Consultant Surgeon specialising in Urology at Rutherford Cancer Centre North West. He was appointed as Urological Surgeon at Liverpool University Hospitals NHSFT in 2011 and received specialised training in urology from Cairo University, which led him to acquire a Masters degree in urology. Following this, he studied to qualify for an MD degree at Queens University Belfast in Prostate Cancer followed by an intensive national training programme in Urology in the UK leading to a Certificate of completion of training.

Mr Mahmoud Elfar also had special training in Minimal Access Surgery / Endourology and in Laparoscopic Renal Surgery (keyhole surgery for both benign and malignant renal conditions) and obtained a degree in laparoscopic surgery from the Universitie De Strasbourg (in France). He has chaired the Urology Cancer Care Quality Group for Merseyside and Cheshire over the past five years, during this time he supported the development of the optimal pathway for prostate cancer, introduced multiparametric MRI as a standard investigation before prostate biopsy and standardised the prostate MRI reporting system. He also ensured each trust had a 'voice' at the clinical reference group and supported patient engagement groups.

Currently, Mr Mahmoud Elfar is continuing his role as a member of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence Interventional Procedure Committee (NICE IPAC) which he started in December 2017.

Research interests: Prostate cancer, renal stones, renal cancer.


  • Medical School; M.B.Ch, B:Faculty of medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, Date Obtained: 21 March 1991, Grade: Distinction with Honours
  • Academic Qualifications; MSc (Urology) Cairo University December 1995, MD Queens University Belfast December 2005
  • Professional Qualifications; FRCS (Glasg) March 2000, FRCS (Urol) May 2009, CCT April 2011, Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery, Strasbourg  February 2012


  • British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)
  • European Association of Urology (EAU)
  • Endo-Urology Society
  • Societe Internationale d’Urologie


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