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The Rutherford Cancer Centres provide innovative diagnostic imaging services, using world-class imaging technology.

The Rutherford Cancer Centres house some of the most sophisticated and accurate diagnostic imaging technology available.  Our diagnostic imaging services are accessible to self-pay patients, those with private medical insurance and NHS patients (subject to approval), and are delivered in our state-of-the-art facilities.

These services are available to patients who need MRI diagnostic scanning to identify a range of medical conditions, not just cancer. Patients and clinicians using IMAGING@Rutherford can expect a first-class, rapid diagnostic service for a wide range of conditions.

Why IMAGING@Rutherford?

Approved by insurers

In addition to offering services on a self-pay basis, we are in the networks of all large private medical insurers.

Rapid diagnostic service

We are proud to be able to offer a high quality imaging service in a relaxed setting with detailed reporting delivered electronically and, be able to help fulfil a current and considerable national requirement for increased and faster diagnostic services.

World-class technology partner

We have partnered with Phillips to deliver the latest imaging technology providing excellent image quality.

IMAGING@Rutherford video

Watch the video below to take a look at our state-of-the-art MRI suite at the Rutherford Cancer Centre in Northumberland.

Imaging services at the Rutherford Cancer Centres


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Matthew Parks - National Diagnostic Business Development Manager
Phone: 0800 210 0402
Email: matthew.parks@therutherford.com

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