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Join Dr Ramkumar for an exciting introduction to Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Patients.

This webinar discusses the shared aim of surgeons and oncologists, which is to maximise the potential of better outcomes for Head & Neck cancer patients.

Event details:

Please join Dr Ramkumar for a discussion that looks into the shared aims and challenges of Surgeons and Oncologists, to deliver better outcomes and improve the quality of life for patients with Head and Neck cancer.

With an emphasis on the critical structures close to the H&N tumour, which can cause significant anatomical and functional problems affecting the survival outcomes, as well as the quality of life. Dr Ramkumar, looks at some of the vital day-to-day functions of speaking, swallowing, eating and breathing, which might be affected (to a varying degree) with either surgical or non-surgical oncological treatments, and the significant challenge and aim of Oncologists. Dr Ramkumar will also discuss how to balance the optimal delivery of radiotherapy dose to eradicate cancer whilst minimising both the acute and long-term toxicities and maintaining the quality of life after radiotherapy.

During this webinar, there will be a review of previous patient case studies and newer treatments used to try and assist both the clinicians and patients in reducing the functional damage after oncological treatments and improve the quality of life for Head and Neck cancer patients.

Attend this event:

This webinar event is for existing referring surgeons: Head and Neck surgeons, ENT surgeons, Max Facial surgeons. In addition, clinicians who are part of Head & Neck groups/societies, and Head & Neck charities are also encouraged to attend.

Signing up is easy, just click ‘register’.  On our Eventbrite page, you’ll be asked to provide a few key details and you will receive an email with your ticket. The event will be held online via Microsoft Teams, which you can join via a web link or the app


About the host:

Dr Ramkumar is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in Head and Neck cancer, Skull Base Tumors and GI cancers since 2009 based in Southampton. He completed Oncology training in India in 1997 and further Clinical Oncology training on the Wessex Clinical Oncology Training Scheme, in the UK in 2009. Dr Ramkumar is also a Principal Investigator for several national & International Clinical Trials in Head & Neck cancers, and is a project Consultant for LLLT studies at the University of Hong Kong. He has pioneered the implementation of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for treating cancer treatment-related toxicities and Intraoperative Electron Radiotherapy (IOERT) for cancer treatment in the UK.


Additional information:

  • Event participation is free and CPD Accredited. Certificates will be sent via email following the event.
  • The agenda for this event is subject to change.
  • Spaces for this event are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online Event

Event Date

Wednesday 26th January, 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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