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The Rutherford Cancer Centre Network offers proton beam therapy that is delivered using the latest IBA ProteusONE machines. Utilising pencil beam scanning for an advanced level of precision, proton beam therapy uses high-energy proton beams that are directed to the target area with pinpoint accuracy and are delivered in the exact shape of the tumour.

As proton therapy is so precise, each treatment is tailored specifically to the individual patient’s needs. This is delivered by a team of highly experienced and skilled therapy radiographers, physicists and dosimetrists in addition to your oncologist. As such, proton beam therapy costs will vary from patient to patient as each treatment is tailored specifically to their individual needs.

How Does Proton Beam Therapy Work?

Conventional radiotherapy uses high energy x-rays to damage the makeup of cancer cells, halting growth or killing them in the process. The difference with proton beam therapy is that this is achieved with pinpoint accuracy, sparing healthy tissue beyond the tumour.

Proton beam therapy is an advanced form of radiotherapy that utilises proton acceleration for a highly accurate treatment. It can also be used alongside other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and targeted drug therapy.

State of the art pencil beam scanning technology allows us to build a 3D image of the tumour, pixel by pixel, giving us greater control to manipulate dosage levels to more accurately target tumours that may be more complex or hard to reach.

Why Proton Beam Therapy?

Proton beam therapy is transforming cancer care and putting patients first.

The precise nature of proton therapy allows us to treat tumours that have previously been harder to reach, are close to sensitive tissue and organs, and also deliver treatment at a higher dose where needed, allowing us to treat those who may not have otherwise received the cancer care they required.

Treatment differs from conventional radiotherapy as there is a much higher level of accuracy applied. The IBA ProteusONE machine allows us to apply the Bragg Peak and reduce the level of energy left within the body before a tumour and halt it beyond, ultimately reducing radiation sickness.

How Much Does Proton Beam Therapy Cost?

Each and every patient at the Rutherford Cancer Centre Network has an entirely different set of needs and, as such, personalised treatment plans are bespoke, based on their individual needs. From consultation through to diagnostics and treatment, we put patients at the heart of cancer care. Patients who receive the same treatment will have vastly different price points as individual plans are built around several factors, from the length of treatment required, whether they require additional therapies or treatments, and if they require a variation in the treatment, such as longer individual sessions or additional treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

We ensure that each treatment plan we create for our patients is tailored specifically to their requirements and includes optional additional therapies that can assist in supporting lifestyle requirements. These cover a range of treatment supplements and recovery requests including dietary needs, social care, spiritual and psychological therapies and where appropriate, palliative care.

Our facilities include state of the art treatment suites and comfortable surroundings for patients and their families, as well as a highly trained team of registered professionals including clinical and medical oncologists, therapy radiographers, medical physicists and dosimetrists, nurses and support staff.

How Do You Pay for Proton Beam Therapy?

Proton beam therapy costs vary based on individual care plans, so there is a range of payment options available to our patients. Full treatment plans are outlined in a treatment package letter and there are no hidden extras outside of this plan. All consultant fees are included.

There are a number of payment methods available:

  • Insurance
  • Self-Pay
  • NHS Referral
  • Personal Loans


Treatment packages are agreed with your insurance provider and payment will be made directly to us by your provider. In order to arrange this, we will need to know who your insurance is provided by, and your policy number.

Consultants will submit invoices separately, so please forward these to your insurance provider for payment as necessary.


If your care is not covered by your insurance provider, then your care will be charged at Proton Partners International Ltd standard rates. Your consultant will invoice you separately for your care.

The centre provides an estimate of costs for your care. Please note: it is not always possible to give an exact estimate for care received and the total cost of treatment is dependent on a number of factors. The centre will always try to give the most accurate estimate possible, and if there are any changes to be made, you will be notified as soon as possible.


The cost of treatment for patients referred by the NHS is covered by the NHS. Any additional personal items outside of the treatment will need to be paid for, and a credit or debit card will need to be provided at your initial appointment to cover these costs.

Currently, NHS patients in Wales can be referred to the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales. As proton therapy in the UK is a relatively new cancer treatment, we hope to provide a similar availability to NHS patients across England and Scotland in the near future.


For patients travelling to our centre from overseas, we will provide a personalised treatment package or estimate for a self-pay cost. If you are travelling to us from outside the EU, you will need to have adequate travel insurance. Any care required at an NHS hospital will be charged to you directly and is not included as part of our package quote.

Personal Loans

There are financial service providers who may be able to provide personal loans to fund proton beam therapy costs. We have no partnership arrangements with any financial providers and are not responsible for vetting such providers.

Please note: it is your responsibility to explore all options available to you in respect of financial services and providers. Any arrangement you enter into is at your own risk and in accordance with their terms and conditions. We receive no financial payment or other compensation for any introductions we make.

Please contact us on 0800 210 0402 if you have any queries.

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