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On this page, you can find out more via the links to showcased clinical research papers, the support that is available to medical and healthcare professionals, learn more about proton beam therapy, find out what other treatments we provide, explore the network of consultants and specialists we work with, or where patients can receive treatment at one of our centres across the UK.

Clinical research publications

High-quality clinical research supports new treatments and technologies, at the Rutherford Cancer Centres we believe in transparency and a clear evidence-based approach to help educate and inform around treatments such as proton beam therapy.

Support for medical professionals

At the Rutherford Cancer Centres, we offer a range of services to GPs and Primary Care Centres, if you would like to know more about referring patients, the treatments we offer, or our events and learning opportunities you can find out more via the link below.


What is proton beam therapy?

Proton beam therapy is an advanced form of external radiotherapy that uses high-energy protons instead of photon x-rays or electrons. This treatment can better target harder to reach tumours in sensitive locations or near to vital organs in the body. Proton beam therapy ensures the best possible outcomes, with minimal side effects and is beneficial for cancers such as those diagnosed in the prostate, spine,  liver and breast.

An overview of how proton beam therapy works

Proton beam therapy is highly accurate in targeting a treatment area. It can be used to treat hard-to-reach tumours, while lowering radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and vital organs.

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Proton beam therapy - a consultant overview

Professor Roger Taylor, a clinical consultant oncologist at Rutherford Cancer Centres, gives an insight into how proton beam therapy works.

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Cancer treatments we offer

The Rutherford Cancer Centres provide high-quality cancer care by offering access to innovative and advanced treatment techniques using leading technology.

Consultants we work with

We provide exceptional patient support from diagnosis through to treatment and recovery, with leading consultants available at our centres across the country.

Centres across the UK

The Rutherford Cancer Centres provide cancer treatments and other healthcare services across the UK with our centres designed to put the patient experience first.

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