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Clinical Governance

Our services are planned and delivered in line with the requirements of healthcare regulators, professional bodies and national and international best practice, to ensure the quality and safety of every Rutherford Cancer Centre.

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Proton therapy in oncology – general overview

This white paper details the science and clinical utilisation of proton therapy. It aims to provide information that facilitates discussion and evaluation of a proton therapy facility’s value...

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Treating head and neck cancer with proton therapy

Proton particles do not deposit an exit dose, which allows proton therapy to spare normal tissues distal to the tumour target. This is particularly useful for treating head and neck tumours because of

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Treating paediatric tumors with proton therapy

The largest consensus on the preferability of proton over photon radiation therapy is in paediatric oncology. Counting 70-80% survival rates, finding solutions that positively impact quality of life o

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Treating breast cancer with proton therapy

Breast cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Worldwide, an estimated 1.67 million cases were diagnosed in 2012, and among men and women combined, breast cancer is now the second m

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Cancer treatments we offer

The Rutherford Cancer Centres provide high-quality cancer care by offering access to innovative and advanced treatment techniques using leading technology.

Consultants we work with

We provide exceptional patient support from diagnosis through to treatment and recovery, with leading consultants available at our centres across the country.

Centres across the UK

The Rutherford Cancer Centres provide cancer treatments and other healthcare services across the UK with our centres designed to put the patient experience first.

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