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We provide an all-encompassing service for cancer patients at the Rutherford Cancer Centres, delivering high-quality imaging, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy, as well as supportive care that is tailored to patients’ individual clinical needs.

At the Rutherford we pride ourselves on the standard of service and care we provide. Our treatment teams at each centre consist of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals including clinical and medical oncologists, medical physicists and dosimetrists, therapy radiographers, nurses and a wide range of supportive care staff.

Our services are accessible in state-of-the-art facilities across the country, and are available to self-pay patients, private patients under medical insurance (subject to approval) and NHS patients (subject to approval).

Process for a referral to the Rutherford Cancer Centres

Referrals from healthcare professionals:

  1. Consultant or GP referrals, with supporting documentation, should be made directly through to the Clinical Support Team at the relevant Rutherford Cancer Centre.
  2. The referral letter must include contact details of the individual being referred and the secretary of the referrer. This is to ensure that all parties can be kept up to date and further supporting information can be collected in a timely manner.
  3. On receipt of the referral, supporting information (which may include imaging for example) will be collated and provided to the relevant Rutherford Cancer Centre consultant.
  4. Once a consultation has been arranged the Clinical Support Team will inform the referrer of the details.
  5. The referrer will be made aware of the outcome of the consultation via a summary letter. If the decision is to treat at a Rutherford Cancer Centre, further letters will follow, during and post-treatment.
  6. The Clinical Support Team are available by phone or email to help with any queries and will maintain contact with the referrer and patient throughout.
  7. Clinical Support Teams can be contacted at each centre directly via:

Rutherford Cancer Centre
South Wales

01633 740005

Rutherford Cancer Centre
North East

01670 339650

Rutherford Cancer Centre
Thames Valley

01182 075610

Rutherford Cancer Centre
North West

0151 4590323

Self-referral by patients:

  1. Patients can self-refer directly to the Rutherford Cancer Centres, following a confirmed cancer diagnosis.
  2. To start the self-referral process, patients can call our Enquiries Team on 0800 210 0402 or contact us online, where the team can begin the process by discussing the situation and arranging as necessary to collect medical records from a current healthcare provider.

Referrals from medical insurance providers:

  1. Patients with private medical insurance can ask their provider to make a direct referral to the Rutherford Cancer Centres on their behalf, but the insurance provider may require the name of the oncologist the patient wishes to be referred to.
  2. A list of oncologists that work with us can be found on our website, patients can speak with our Enquiries Team on 0800 210 0402 or contact us online, for a discussion about which oncologist from within the Rutherford Cancer Centres network may be best placed to discuss their treatment needs.
  3. Our Enquiries Team can arrange to collect the information required for an oncologist from the Rutherford network to be able to offer an opinion on a patient's treatment options and to answer any questions regarding the medical insurance referral process.
  4. The medical insurance provider may provide a pre-authorisation number for a consultation, this will ensure that a patient isn't charged directly for this appointment. The insurance provider will likely explain what this pre-authorisation number covers, so it is important to check and confirm this with the medical insurance provider.

Patients will be subject to normal MDT (multi-disciplinary team) assessments before referral to the Rutherford Cancer Centres and their treatment determined. However, in the case of proton beam therapy referrals, the Rutherford Cancer Centres operate a Proton Therapy Panel that reviews each referral to provide extra assurance that proton beam therapy is the most appropriate treatment.

For each referral into our various services, Clinical Pathways are produced to give referring consultants the means and confidence to enable patients to be referred to the Rutherford Cancer Centres and identify how support and acute services with other providers will be accessed if required.

The Rutherford Cancer Centres operate a networked model, allowing patients to be assessed at one centre and treated at another if necessary. Please check our centres page for details on treatments and services available at each centre.

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