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Rutherford Cancer Centres - the first in the UK to provide proton beam therapy

At the Rutherford Cancer Centres we provide state-of-the-art cancer treatment and exceptional patient care in a supportive and personalised care environment. We were the first in the UK to provide high energy proton beam therapy treatment, in addition to conventional radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments. All of our treatments are available to medically-insured patients, self-paying patients and patients referred by the NHS (where commissioned to do so), and are backed by our range of comprehensive supportive care services. Find your nearest centre below and get in touch to find out more.

Simon made history in Spring 2018 when he became the first patient to undergo proton beam therapy here in the UK, leading the way for others who have since embarked on this treatment option in their own fight against cancer. Read more about Simon's story below.

Simon’s story

Unfortunately for Simon, it was his second cancer diagnosis, having fought the disease some years earlier. Having first-hand experience of the treatment process and its various pros and cons, Simon was determined to research the best possible option for him when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2017.

What followed was a time of intense research and various medical consultations before learning about high energy proton beam therapy – a treatment option made even more appealing when he learned that the first centre in the UK was due to open its doors imminently. 

Simon - my story

While every patient and every cancer is different, in Simon’s case he found the side effects of treatment were minimal and he was able to go about his daily life, going to work or dropping his son at school as normal. Here he speaks about his experience, and what this means for him and his family.

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Every member of staff that I encountered was healing, caring, considerate and professional. A traumatic experience was transformed into a walk in the park situation!

Patient Satisfaction Survey - Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales

February 2020

What a lovely, warm and relaxing place to be, when you're maybe not your best and don't feel like going through the things you need to. The staff are fab and help with everything, they make you feel human again!

Patient Satisfaction Survey - Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales

August 2019

Thank you for making what can be a difficult time much more pleasurable! It’s been a much easier treatment seeing your smiling faces every day!

Patient Satisfaction Survey - Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley

July 2019

My experience at the Rutherford Centre has been very positive and I am pleased I chose to have my treatment at the Centre.

Patient Satisfaction Survey - Rutherford Cancer Centre North East

April 2019

Rutherford Health Plc is at the vanguard of advancing cancer care, building a network of oncology centres, the Rutherford Cancer Centres, that will transform cancer care. Our services are planned and delivered in line with requirements of healthcare regulators, professional bodies and international best practice. We are also registered with most of the leading health insurance providers and registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and Care Quality Commission.

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