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Rutherford Cancer Centres is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality cancer care, offering access to innovative and advanced treatment techniques using the most up-to-date cutting-edge technology.

Each and every patient has a personalised care pathway, and our team of highly skilled staff provide support throughout treatment and offer easy access to a range of supportive care services, as required. Caring for patients using innovative treatments and techniques is at the heart of everything we do.

Who is eligible for treatment at Rutherford Cancer Centres?

Rutherford Cancer Centres provide services for private cancer treatment in the UK for patients under medical insurance or patients wishing to self-pay. Currently, only adult NHS patients in South Wales, subject to approval, are eligible for proton beam therapy treatment at the  Rutherford Cancer Centre South in Wales. As the Rutherford Cancer Centres network continues to expand in the UK, there may be opportunities to increase our offering of proton beam therapy treatment to NHS patients.

Proton Beam Therapy

Proton beam therapy is an advanced form of external radiotherapy that uses high-energy proton beams instead of photon x-ray beams or electrons. Carefully measured doses of protons are delivered to the precise area needing treatment, using the latest IBA ProteusONE technology. This ensures that the delivery of proton beam therapy is highly accurate and prevents the risk of radiation reaching surrounding healthy tissue.

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Radiotherapy is used to kill and destroy cancer cells. It utilises radiation in the form of high-energy x-rays, known as photons, to kill and damage the cancerous cells and prevent their growth and reproduction. It can be used as a non-surgical option to treat cancer, and it can also be used to shrink a tumour or in combination with other treatments.

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MR-linac Radiotherapy

The Rutherford Cancer Centres and Elekta are bringing the next generation of personalised adaptive radiotherapy technology to oncology centres across the UK, with the new MR-linac Elekta Unity now available at the Rutherford Cancer Centre North West in Liverpool.

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We provide a chemotherapy treatment service that offers you both choice and flexibility. Chemotherapy is the use of cytotoxic (anti-cancer) drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body by disrupting the cancer cells and preventing them from growing and dividing.

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Immunotherapy is a targeted type of treatment that boosts the patient’s natural defence, the immune system, and enables it to find and destroy cancer cells found in the body. At Rutherford Cancer Centres, we use several different types of immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer, in order to prevent cells growing and replicating or spreading around the body.

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Supportive Care

The care and support we offer our patients is second to none, and we provide that support from the point of diagnosis, through to post-treatment and recovery. We offer each patient a personalised total care package that goes beyond best practice pathways. Our dedicated and passionate care teams aim to provide all patients with ongoing holistic support and easy access to supportive therapies during and after their treatment.

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