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What to expect at our Prostate Health Clinic

Our prostate health clinic at the Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley is led by skilled urology specialist nurse,  Maria Strickson, experienced urology consultant, Mr Chris Blick, private GP, Dr Prassanna and a friendly, knowledgeable clinical team.

We aim to provide those coming to the clinic, with quick access to appointments with our specialist Urology experts, fast-tracked diagnostic investigations, with the aim of providing same-day diagnostic results for prostate screening, and direct access to follow up consultations and investigations that may be required. 

When you arrive, our friendly, experienced lead Urology nurse will welcome you, to begin your initial prostate screening assessment checks. This consists of a consultation with our lead Urology nurse, in a private, comfortable room, and the initial tests to investigate any prostate concerns you may have, or for your general prostate health check. Any issues or conversations had during your consultation are private and confidential.


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