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When to book an appointment

Consultation booking and guidance:

The Rutherford Prostate Health Clinic is open to self-pay and private medical insured men. Details of what to do, and when to call us are below:

Experiencing urinary symptoms or are in the higher risk categories – If you have not been seen by your GP, but are experiencing issues, in the higher risk category, or would like a general prostate health check-up, we shall be able to provide you with rapid access to an initial prostate health assessment with our expert Urology Nurse.

Following a GP appointment- If you have already been seen by your GP, and they have provided you with a GP referral letter referring you to a Urologist for further assessment or investigations, you can be fast tracked to the one-stop prostate assessment clinic.

For self-pay patients- Please call our main reception line 01182 075610 and ask for prostate health clinic or email [email protected]  to book your appointment and obtain a quote.

For privately insured patients- Most insurers will require a GP referral letter before authorising any consultations, or tests. If you have not done so, please arrange an appointment with your GP, or book to see our local private GP to obtain a referral letter. Your private GP consultation can be booked via our reception telephone number, or bookings email address listed above.

Once you have your GP referral letter, please call your insurance company, and provide them with your GP referral letter, to obtain a pre-authorisation code prior to attending the clinic, and completing tests as detailed in one stop clinic information leaflet.

Initial Prostate Health Assessment- If you have not been seen previously by a clinician, we shall book you in for your initial prostate health assessment. Once you have booked your appointment with us, you shall receive a patient information leaflet to advise you on requirements and clearly explain what shall happen for your initial prostate health assessment with us.

Getting to know you

You will be seen initially by a Consultant Breast Surgeon in the presence of a Clinical Nurse Specialist to discuss your clinical history. This includes questions about your family medical history and current medicines you are taking.

Clinical breast examination

The breast surgeon will undertake a clinical breast examination of both breasts. This is to examine your breasts, your armpits, the area around your collarbone, and your neck; to see if you have any abnormalities, including lumps or other signs or symptoms.

Breast imaging

An image of the inside of your breast may be needed for further investigation, this is called imaging. There are two imaging techniques commonly used, ultrasound and mammogram.


A biopsy is a procedure that involves removing a tissue sample from the breast for further testing. Sometimes this is needed to help make a diagnosis. The procedure is quick, and a local anaesthetic isn't often needed.

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