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Why choose our Prostate Health Clinic?

At our one-stop prostate health clinic, you can have consultations, assessments, diagnostics, follow-ups and treatment options (if required) all under one roof, with the same team. We also aim to provide test results for initial assessments within two days of your initial assessment appointment, to help make your experience as stress-free as possible.

Why you should attend our prostate health clinic:

  • We help to reduce your worries or concerns with any prostate health issues via our quick access to initial appointments, and assessments
  • If you require any next steps following your initial assessments, we can give you a rapid service, for follow up consultations, scans, and diagnostic investigations all in one visit, with the aim to provide diagnostic results on the same day
  • We have an experienced, supportive and discreet Urology clinical team, who you can trust to support and guide you (whatever the outcome). The same team members will support you every step of your journey
  • The centre location is easy to get to via car, train or bus with ample free car parking available and our facilities are relaxed, comfortable and modern with private rooms available for consultations and assessments
  • We provide direct access to a dedicated oncology treatment pathway, should this be required; this can include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy.

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